Richard Paddey
Richard Paddey Acum 4 secunde
Damn the comments are funny, my proof of what manufacture I'll buy is what vehicle, be it 2 or 4 wheels will get me from Cape Town to Cairo, and they all usually tend to be Toyota's (terrorist's cant all be wrong) Honda Yamaha BMW (just look at ROpost what bikes are normally ridden around the world) nothing American (Jeep is an American Landrover and the same jokes apply) or British (Landrover it's in its history and the jokes "why do Landrover salesman give anew owner a dog on handover? so they not lonely when they break down) unless you double its value in aftermarket parts and its new
Louie Lorenzana
Louie Lorenzana Acum 3 minute
Good to see King Joffrey found a career in ROpost
Miriam Acum 5 minute
I unfortunately attract unwanted attention. I get everything from 20 year old to 80 year old men who stop me to talk about bikes and riding. Most of the stories are actually entertaining but, at other times it does get creepy.
Vytas Acum 7 minute
I just pulled the trigger. Picking up a 650 Interceptor tomorrow. Royal Enfield owes you one for this ad Ryan.
Toxic Blueberries
Toxic Blueberries Acum 37 minute
El_Gran_Pitotote Acum 38 minute
I’m so confused. Should I buy my 2014 one I’m looking at them or not!
Zhongyang Qu
Zhongyang Qu Acum 43 minute
Wasn’t expecting a reverse trike, let along one with the proper color theme
TOuhid Alahi Mahmud
TOuhid Alahi Mahmud Acum 43 minute
This guy has the best humor ever ! I love your videos..
SpeedFireARL Acum 44 minute
спасибо тебе мужик за все что ты делаешь!!
Peetiegonzalez Acum 46 minute
omg the Windows 95 screensaver at 4:21
Peetiegonzalez Acum 47 minute
Electric scooters are sorely needed. In the city you don't need 100s km range, you just want to get around quickly, quietly, and have some space for cargo. Imagine every Deliveroo, Foodpanda, Uber Eats driver on a quiet electric scooter. There's also a lack of fast-charging infrastructure which could definitely change city living. Look at Chinese cities, for example. Electric scooters (the sit-down kind) are ubiquitous.
Brad Pohl
Brad Pohl Acum 49 minute
Jason da Biking
Jason da Biking Acum oră
But the children... Hahahe
Picasso Black
Picasso Black Acum oră
What's that playing at 1:44? That's a bop 👌
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Acum oră
0:28 the furry-neck bugs me. And he has a weird , schmush-face w/speech impediment IMO.
RRW Acum oră
To my knowledge no place that recognizes Ebikes as something different from a Motorcycle lets you go up to 60kph. Unless you are pedaling (which would make this video about all bikes and not just ebikes assuming it's even possible), you don't have an ebike. They are both Motorcycles. Even Mopeds aren't allowed to go that fast. Also many places allow ebikes to go on bike lanes and not Motorcycles. You need to worry about cars a lot less when using those.
T Sterling
T Sterling Acum oră
Him constantly waving his hands around is really distracting
Trent Smith
Trent Smith Acum oră
It's like as if a young Ron Swanson was into motorcycles instead of woodworking.
Kevin Gary
Kevin Gary Acum oră
I’ll take my automatic zero sr over a combustion manual transmission any day of the week
Eloy Cristy
Eloy Cristy Acum oră
The momentous volcano sicily unfasten because gander culturally increase for a separate bubble. opposite, vagabond niece
Edward Meer
Edward Meer Acum 2 ore
I got our gear from the clearance rack at the dealership and website.
Dax Riley
Dax Riley Acum 2 ore
Came here for the Motorcycle review, stayed for the macroeconomic discourse on inflation, the erosion of wage earning capacity and the subtext regarding the diminishment of labour bargaining positions in relation to owners of capital. As for the final conclusion of building a classic styled bike well at an affordable price, I'm pleased to also watch your review on the Royal Enfield GT650. In an era of mediocre, the FortNine team is in a league of their own. Bravo!
James VanDemark
James VanDemark Acum 2 ore
AND wide painted crosswalk stripes!
Eshaan Reza
Eshaan Reza Acum 2 ore
Is the scout bobber (not sixty, but regular scout bobber) a good entry bike?
James VanDemark
James VanDemark Acum 2 ore
Bwahahaha- & here I thought the Polite Zone was a "Canadian thing"! The biker salute should be a "low sign" delivered bellow the horizontal........
Negrea Cristian
Negrea Cristian Acum 2 ore
2:18, so true
John Frost
John Frost Acum 3 ore
Helps being on sand or dirt.
Gavin Nielsen
Gavin Nielsen Acum 3 ore
Crashed my bike 3 weeks ago and earned myself a radial fracture
Knight Adventures ADV
Knight Adventures ADV Acum 3 ore
OUCH But, should I buy a 1250 GSA?
stephen hutton
stephen hutton Acum 3 ore
this guy handtalks in a weird way and i hate it
Daniel G
Daniel G Acum 3 ore
Another good one is proper spoke tension. Not surprising it isn't on the list as most street bikes don't have spokes. But have one of those snap off and jam into your brake caliper, rotor, or sprocket and you better prepare for ejection.
ian Acum 3 ore
Sooo... torque is the derivative of horsepower?
Gavin Nielsen
Gavin Nielsen Acum 3 ore
They make the same sort of vest for eventing and I think they are cheaper
Silver1080p Acum 3 ore
I have ebc fa86 brakes I bought because I couldn't find anything else that fit my bike on Amazon. Are they any good? They were expensive but I'm not sure if that's just because they aren't common
me nkat
me nkat Acum 4 ore
My cars and bikes burn gas🤗👌and I love me some wrenching👍😎
Ray Frost
Ray Frost Acum 4 ore
Loud pipes saves lives Too loud pipes makes people pissed
Orclover Ogrefiend
Orclover Ogrefiend Acum 4 ore
Half helmets? Your harley riders up there are wearing helmets?
Seth Link
Seth Link Acum 4 ore
$30 in zip ties vs $15 for tire shop to do it for me.
Ron Stewart
Ron Stewart Acum 4 ore
I bought my BMW R1150RT for its beauty. My 750R Ninja too, although it has not aged as well. (Both long gone now.)
Stephen Harriau
Stephen Harriau Acum 4 ore
“Do you know why I stopped you?” Revenue Generation?
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Acum 4 ore
Why are you insulating the battery, you need to keep it cool as possible. Whilst charging and draining it will get hot. I made a electric quad bike and find when all batteries were close together they would get hot.
OpposingForces Acum 5 ore
I'm not Canadian, but even i got the reference with "Popular amongst Canadian political figures"...
Braeden Black
Braeden Black Acum 5 ore
Best video I have seen on ROpost in a very long time, amazing job!
Lxx Sxxx
Lxx Sxxx Acum 5 ore
"A couple hacks ..." and you show some upside down C code (funny, I caught it :) Hint: next time you talk about hacks, use real-man code, not cake-eater creations. Might have as well shown Python or Java for pre-schoolers. :-D Oh, right, good riding tips for wet weather. Funny accent, enjoyed it. Stick with Canadian, though, you're better at it. ;-)
Brian M
Brian M Acum 5 ore
What are your thoughts on Lucas Oil for moto chains? I've found Lucas Oil to be nice and heavy, like the gear oil you tested, and it stays on the chain at speed. I would NEVER put it in the case, but as chain oil I like it.
Nicholas Nelson
Nicholas Nelson Acum 6 ore
Bro your content is art
Dan Grassetti
Dan Grassetti Acum 6 ore
Sort of depends on how you define a motorcycle. I own a Tesla Model 3, a Suzuki GSX-S1000S and a CSC City Slicker. As best I know both the Suzuki and City Slicker are both bikes. Are electric motorcycles failing or are you defining motorcycles too narrowly? I would argue that they are quite successful, but as you accurately state, not a replacement for a 150 hp sport tourer. So, do as I do and there's success everywhere you look. The Tesla is a really great car that puts similarly priced German cars to shame, the City Slicker is an awesome tool for urban transportation, and the GSX...well, it's the perfect tool for crossing vast expanses of Nevada at irresponsible speeds. If and when it becomes possible to pack enough battery storage into a GSX competitor I'm all in. In the meanwhile I'm enjoying the best of all worlds. A lot of this has to do with what you consider to be a motorcycle. If it includes anything with 2 wheels that uses non-human propulsion (which I think is how it should be defined), they've been a huge success. So, I don't think I would describe EMs as a fact, quite the opposite. They're just doing REALLY well in markets where they physics work and poorly in markets where the physics are not quite there yet.
J R Acum 6 ore
I dont' see what's wrong with gas motorcycles anyway. They use so little gas, and are so few in total, that the carbon footprint is negligable.
crocketgsxr6 Acum 6 ore
realize that the kill switch was on, pan away then cover the lens
MegaScumbucket Acum 6 ore
I have allegedly cut off wheel clamps much quicker let me tell you!
Ekim Andersom
Ekim Andersom Acum 6 ore
Marketing rule nr 1, start with a good product
Jacob Mobley
Jacob Mobley Acum 7 ore
This dude's personality is awesome. I'm surprised I'm not seeing you on TV.
Justin Turtle
Justin Turtle Acum 7 ore
Simple…… lower the price…
Ralph Valkenhoff
Ralph Valkenhoff Acum 7 ore
Hahaha, this is my bike and it’s ugly
Mic Kaspersen
Mic Kaspersen Acum 7 ore
Same engine as in the NTV Revere and Transalp. Bomb proof power plant.
pihi42 Acum 7 ore
"lane filtering" .. WHAT? You are seriously proposing putting this insidious behavior INTO LAW?? Have you ever seen traffic in India .. well that's what you get with "lane filtering" (unlimited edition). This should be a common sense no-no-no. The contrived "rear ending" argument is silly... solving motorcycle problems with making everyone's life harder is not acceptable. Infinite amount of scratches, collisions, missing mirrors .. man, you're joking.
S VM Acum 7 ore
An ‘about time’ video, thank you! Why is there total I mean total silence from the mainstream motorcycle industry? It seems this year in 2021 the car industry (or much of it) has woken up and realized it’s time to do or die on EVs. Similar to the car industry, the electric solution for motorcycles will not come from a legacy manufacturer (asleep at the wheel); it will come from a disruptor, likely from one of those who are putting out really good electric bicycles right now. My BMW is future trash, I’m starting to hate it and the brand, which has left us high and dry.
Steven Nicola
Steven Nicola Acum 8 ore
Hey Ryan, love your work, was hoping you had a couple options as a replacement for the Orlando waterproof jeans as they are now discontinued As well as the muc off fabric protector… Thanks mate
steve lam
steve lam Acum 8 ore
lol well i ended up buying one. 3 days in and the 650 FAILED on me and now wont start. great job, royal enfield. by the way, for anyone else in canada, the 'free roadside assistance' SUCKS. the number you call is to the US and they were clueless as to how to help me across the border. They basically told me that i didnt have a 'policy' with them (despite the fact that RE says i have 3 years of roadside) and that i would be charged out of pocket. total BS.
eccentricArchitect Acum 8 ore
It looks very similar to my 1980 Suzuki GS450!
Jason Cullum
Jason Cullum Acum 8 ore
... Read More
Clem George
Clem George Acum 8 ore
Squids are gonna Squid.
dbc1dc Acum 8 ore
Pretty cool. Can you list the parts you bought from the Leaf site?
James Laughlin
James Laughlin Acum 8 ore
If it’s too hot take the car.
Sadnehs Acum 9 ore
Bear Grills is already kinda irrelevant. I can't wait to see viewers who don't understand what the fuck he's doing running around the woods talking like a movie trailer narrator.
iNvRG Acum 9 ore
@5:55 That gave me a good chuckle
William Lee
William Lee Acum 9 ore
"like the man with two penises only see half of it". 😅😅😅
J K Acum 10 ore
Not sure why you choose to aggregate all bicycles with an electric assist under the term "e-bike". This really confuses the discussion. The vast majority of e-bikes are pedelecs, and they are not designed to be faster than a regular bicycle. In Europe, the electric assist on pedelec is limited to 25 kph (or 15.5 mph). Beyond that, the rider must accelerate the fairly heavy bicycle on their own power. A reasonably fit cyclist on a light road bicycle is usually faster than a typical pedelec rider. Of course, an argument could be made about the dangers of cycling, but you chose to make a video about e-bikes. Some e-bikes are faster, but they are quite rare. In Europe, the electric assist on these bicycles is limited to 45 kph (or 28 mph). Laws concerning these vary considerably from country to country. In many places, such as the UK, these e-bikes are treated simply as motorcycles. They need to be registered with the DVLA, they need a number plate, they need to be equipped like a motorcycle (brake light, rearview mirrors, horn, etc.), the driver requires a driving licence and must wear a helmet approved for a motorcycle. These bicycles are not allowed on cycle paths.
Robert Kovach
Robert Kovach Acum 10 ore
Electric motorcycles are way too expensive!!!!
The Stealth
The Stealth Acum 10 ore
In the uk they can only go upto 15mph and are assist bikes so they aren’t dangerous
jujuUK68 Acum 11 ore
But that bike is so stripped down and so small and lightweight, its basically an e-bike anyway? only an old and heavy one without emergency pedals. Cant see its a "motor bike" in any sense. The vid didnt make sense, but your point did.
HiThereI'mJack Acum 11 ore
The Yammie knockoff video 😂
kidda74 Acum 11 ore
I own a black Helite vest, fortunately I haven't needed to test it up to now....................
Sunny Sharma
Sunny Sharma Acum 11 ore
If I want to get there faster, I would pick up some version of Triumph. However, I guess I want to take my time with the miles, I want my bike to do less and let me take control over the speeds and corners and braking without much electronic interruption. I guess I'm a way happier person with the Interceptor 650, and I want to grow old with it
Anas Acum 11 ore
@ 2:50 this feels like watching a JCS criminal psychology video
Contest4Freedom Acum 12 ore
My Ducati Sport 1000 is far more beautiful.
1996axon Acum 12 ore
Lightmode for helmet lighting, and buy a sunvisored helmet ( i mean 2 visor in 1 helmet)