Roger Henry
Roger Henry Acum 15 ore
Just tried to share this with my wife. By 3:03, she got up and walked out.
ShellShock794 Acum 15 ore
"Freedom of Speed" Me: glances over at my 125cc Honda Grom
Boone Docker
Boone Docker Acum 15 ore
You do a pretty good Rod Serling.
Curt Vote
Curt Vote Acum 15 ore
"Is that freedom rock?"
Aldo Agnellini
Aldo Agnellini Acum 15 ore
`If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand"
Liam S
Liam S Acum 15 ore
Go figure I’m reading that book right now!
COH2 ROMANIA Acum 15 ore
Since I started riding adventure bikes I met alot of new people too! Mostly doctors and nurses lol
Minions Acum 15 ore
Now I’m happy with my 650 twin😊
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson Acum 15 ore
Yes! Love ZAMM (not so much the philosophy of quality stuff, but the chataquas and just story of the cross-country ride are epic). I have listened to it several times on multi-day rides. Love the lecture on removing grades and degrees from education, and the church of reason lecture. Hopefully another few hundred thousand people read the book after your vid. Keep up the good work Ryan
Leandro Forte
Leandro Forte Acum 15 ore
This is awesome.
Brandon Crider
Brandon Crider Acum 15 ore
Being able to beat everything on the road for 10k is why I've always rode a zx10r :)
MapleYeti Acum 15 ore
Love the video. I read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance years ago, and it inspired me bigtime. I know the book is bigger than bikes, motorcycling is in many ways just the vector that was used to discuss and express larger philosophical concepts and ideas. But damn if it didn't spark a desire for the open road and the "freedom" that a motorcycle offers. I just bought my first bike this year and have been loving it, and it's in many ways kept me sane during these strenuous times.
M H Acum 15 ore
Like the Godfather movies... Makes tough guys feel smart and smart guys feel tough. Solid as usual.
D e x
D e x Acum 15 ore
Everyone thinks because you have a bike, you can just jump on it and go, faster than getting into a car...
Phillip Stoltzfus
Phillip Stoltzfus Acum 15 ore
Really good description
Some guy
Some guy Acum 15 ore
We all need more freedom, especially in a time where the powers that be are trying to strip us of our freedoms
urso3000 Acum 15 ore
WOW, perfect!
Andrew Ibibo
Andrew Ibibo Acum 15 ore
I'm liking and commenting because you guys always put together the best videos and I want this channel to keep growing, keep up the amazing work!
Tomimated Acum 15 ore
Using distance, and velocity? In the same equation?? Absolute madman over here. Really interesting video though, are icon the best riding jeans, that aren’t ridiculously expensive?
David Thompson
David Thompson Acum 15 ore
Please tell me this is going to become a series of Chautauqua on Pirsig. I know Ryan is hard STEM, but motorcycles sit in the humanities.
Somedude Thatscool
Somedude Thatscool Acum 15 ore
Makes me want to put my phone down and go take my old bike for a spin
Ken Thompson
Ken Thompson Acum 15 ore
Sort of like why some people want convertibles instead of hardtop vehicles. It's NOT for safety.
Corey Chaney
Corey Chaney Acum 15 ore
Absolutely the best channel on ROpost. Ryan is 100%.
James Byrne
James Byrne Acum 15 ore
Creative and brilliant. (Like Steve Jobs), Providing what I didn’t know I needed. Now I must have. f9 is brilliant
Joe Carbonara
Joe Carbonara Acum 15 ore
Ryan and I are about the same age and this new leather jacket wearing, cruiser riding version of him is all of sudden making me feel very old.
MrPotatochips4 Acum 15 ore
Was on a MC several years by the time that book came out. On the other end of the bookshelf you'll find "Mind and Nature" by Gregory Bateson. Somewhere in between is "Inner Chapters" by Wang, English, Chuang Tsu, and "Seven Arrows" by H Storm. Starting a new shelf with "Science Set Free" by Rupert Sheldrake, and "Original Thinking" by G. Parry. Love from Vermont!
Grimdude Acum 15 ore
Great Content . I am so looking forward to the upcoming Harley Davidson Pan America Review *WINk WINK*
Jon Erik Greene
Jon Erik Greene Acum 15 ore
My favorite part of riding is it’s one of the few moments where I’m actually IN the moment. My restless mind is focus.
Jonathan Sinatra
Jonathan Sinatra Acum 15 ore
gold as always , always look forward to your content. what about scooters as a topic?
D.S. Red
D.S. Red Acum 15 ore
This guy is literally the young Jeremy Clarkson of our time. For bikes, anyway. We all know how the real JC feels about bikes, lmao
Pancham Acum 15 ore
I've always tried to convince my friends to buy their own motorcycles. Tried to convince them on how fun and awesome it is to own one. They were never convinced. If only they knew what they're missing.
Ickess Acum 16 ore
As a motorcyclist I appreciate the freedom I get while on my bike. I am focused on the road, motorcycle and watching out for cars. At least while on the bike life problems get left by the side of the road. As a person who watches ROpost I appreciate your content..keep it up! As an American I appreciate the bald eagle :-)
Michael Lowery
Michael Lowery Acum 16 ore
esnevip Acum 16 ore
Dropping a like for pronouncing Gallardo properly.
MotoGoat_Mi Acum 16 ore
Freedom isn't free. Monthly payments and insurance. Even is the frigid seasons you can't ride in still paying for it.
Bill Erker
Bill Erker Acum 16 ore
Clean it up son.
Elliot Acum 16 ore
Read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance a few years ago, also bought a KLR based on that video you did of it. Both were and are good decisions.
Charlie Simiskey
Charlie Simiskey Acum 16 ore
Movie of the year award goes to... Seriously though awesome video
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson Acum 16 ore
If you read the Pirsig book all the way through, you find out that his protagonist's compulsions about motorcycles are just a symptom of his mental illness. I don't think anybody has actually read the concluding chapters of that book. They aren't pretty.
Francois Pellerin
Francois Pellerin Acum 16 ore
Criss que j'aime ça....
GPLIPP Acum 16 ore
Damn good book!!
Jaron Bascom
Jaron Bascom Acum 16 ore
I wish my presentations in speech back in the day went this well
Isla Bonita
Isla Bonita Acum 16 ore
Riding a motorcycle constantly reminds me of my mortality, now that's freedom.
Andrew Witts
Andrew Witts Acum 16 ore
Nice video as always. For those of us who wear a full face helmet, the frame is actually smaller than the A pilars of a car - just saying.
Shady Moto
Shady Moto Acum 16 ore
fortnine for life
Marcus George
Marcus George Acum 16 ore
Two words. Simply Awesome! 👍😎
Jacob Hmar
Jacob Hmar Acum 16 ore
Did you just slap that engine?? O M G 😎 504
Gary M. Pollitt PhD
Gary M. Pollitt PhD Acum 16 ore
😎👍 lmao!!!
Perfect Salad
Perfect Salad Acum 16 ore
Some real good tips but as someone also from BC, please filter or boil your water. Yeah it's crisp, clear mountain runoff but it's what you can't see is what will have you emptying your guts through both ends. Looks fine right there but if some animal has died, or shit, upstream, you're in for a bad time. Ask me how fun giardia is. Especially these days with how cheap, compact, and available water filters are you should just pack one.
Sean Clifford
Sean Clifford Acum 16 ore
Well f**k ... cue the annual motorcycle-kick
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson Acum 16 ore
Freedom these days is just a person not having to do something any smart person should or going against something not because of logic but because of feeling. People don't know freedom till they actually lose it. And many in our countries history have had their freedoms and lives taken. Those complaining now had the privilege to have it since birth. Many before them died trying to hold onto it. Freedom? Its taken for granted every day.
New Hyper
New Hyper Acum 16 ore
Who Me
Who Me Acum 16 ore
Excited..another fort9 video. Wait 3:32 long...what could this be. It could be well done.
Tucsonan Dude
Tucsonan Dude Acum 16 ore
Freedom is being able to take that solo ride and leave the old lady behind for at least a few hours.
احمد رفدي زمري
احمد رفدي زمري Acum 16 ore
Well done. The best content from F9, yet.
rcpmac Acum 16 ore
Wow! raison d'être - them French gota woid fer everthang
Skymning Forelsket
Skymning Forelsket Acum 16 ore
The freedom to get hassled by police more than anybody else.
John Ridley
John Ridley Acum 16 ore
I got the same "no frame/living in and experiencing my environment" feeling while bicycle commuting for 10 years. Work moved too far away to bicycle anymore. I drove a car for about 2 years then couldn't take it anymore and bought a motorcycle.
Harotea Acum 16 ore
Awesome short content 👍
Nick Landsberg
Nick Landsberg Acum 16 ore
Awesome as usual. Ryan makes me think more than high scool ever did. Keep up the good work and hello from Alberta.
Steve Doe
Steve Doe Acum 16 ore
Read that book as a mid-teenaged kid, because Zen stuff was _cool_ back then. Couldn’t put the book down because it was so well written. Finished reading it all in one day, which _never_ happens for me... it was like a compulsion. It’s still in a cardboard box somewhere near. Didn’t start riding until about 10 years later. Nevertheless, it’s good to hear that book has a bit of a cult following, which is well deserved.
Christopher Van Barr
Christopher Van Barr Acum 16 ore
Абсолютно первоклассное видео! Эпично, товарищ!
Golden Boy
Golden Boy Acum 16 ore
I got into an accident back in August and paralyzed my right arm. After nerve reconstruction surgery my doctors are confident I should be able to move it again soon. All I dream about is riding my bike. All I want is another motorcycle, and everyone tells me I'm insane to ever think about riding again. I'm not afraid of riding bikes, I did nothing wrong that day, just wrong place wrong time. I try to tell them that riding is a freedom, that unless they ride too, they simply couldn't get it. This video describes just that. No frame.
Youtube User
Youtube User Acum 16 ore
Freedom to go fast and fun on something way cheaper than it’s car equivalent. Freedom to have a sense of connection to the world instead of being in a box where you hardly even pay attention and don’t appreciate the distance you travel. The freedom is found in the way you escape the monotonous norm without killing your wallet making it accessible to almost anyone.
OccasionallyEvil Acum 16 ore
It's not about Freedom, it's about Control. The ultimate "C" Word.
fosul Acum 16 ore
Anyone know what jacket that is he is wearing?
Ray Hinman
Ray Hinman Acum 16 ore
Should go deeper into this topic
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones Acum 16 ore
Way to break free from your Sunday morning video debut. Made for a great Thursday evening!
Andrew Thackray
Andrew Thackray Acum 16 ore
Interested in the studies mentioned - I feel the same with snowsports, and I'm finally getting my bike license, but I'd love to read some more science
Eng Sheng
Eng Sheng Acum 16 ore
Freedom.. 👍🥰
bryan3550 Acum 16 ore
Sir, you are a lunatic! That's why I just love what you present... Cheers from DownUnder. 🙃
Michael Hartman
Michael Hartman Acum 16 ore
This is why I have a motorcycle with old school comm system "connectivity" whatsoever except the throttle, clutch, and brakes...the only "frame" I can think of that I do not want to free myself from would be Fortnine videos...well done
cambag77 Acum 16 ore
Agreed, those electronics that are helping you with the obstacles of the road world at the same time they isolate you from it. That is not the aim for me. it's so much more rewarding to overcome terrain, obstacles and maybe even breakdowns by your ingenuity and guts. Less james bond techno-gadgets, more indiana jones practicality.
Koray Gun
Koray Gun Acum 16 ore
This guy is gift to riders who can appreciate
joseph buckley
joseph buckley Acum 16 ore
Or just go on a walk or exersize and you wont have to risk your life on a road with a bunch of psychos and you wont have to pay for and maintain this needy lifeless machine
Don Davi
Don Davi Acum 17 ore
Very well done and very well said.
Sebastian SAC
Sebastian SAC Acum 17 ore
I thought they bragged about how we should be more careful cuz we can kill them easily
Neill Hamilton
Neill Hamilton Acum 17 ore
I don't suppose maybe he could review some stuff, tell me if the Honda Rebel 1100 is any good, and what is the modular helmet of 2021? I like the new stuff, but I am tired of hearing from Revzilla about products.
Markoska321 Acum 17 ore
short one, but a good one
Observing Rogue
Observing Rogue Acum 17 ore
What motorcycle-freedom means to me, is the ability to preserve that freedom. Not only is the Glasscannon aspect of them, amplifying personal-responsibility. Motorcycles don't get trapped or blocked, as easy as cars can. So when escaping unfair police, other gangs, or natural disasters like tsunamis. a motorcycle can be the best way to escape disaster & survive, especially if you have the self-discipline, skills, and prudence to succeed. And before any weak coward says "you can't outrun the radio". Once the cop loses sight, is blinded, or killed, then their radio teamwork becomes greatly hindered. Especially if the bike isn't loudly ANNOUNCING where it is. With the right bike, conditions, and preparation, helicopters can't even stay with a bike. Be it stealth or raw speed. Airports, trees, and tall buildings can do wonders. The government and their thugs the police & military, are a mafia of parasites, bullies, and enslavers. But we can survive & fight back. Do not surrender.
Observing Rogue
Observing Rogue Acum 17 ore
And with the electric bikes I've ridden, I absolutely believe the sensation of the bike disappearing, and the rider feeling like they are flying, free from the ground, until they stop or look down.
wipperwil Acum 17 ore
Another excellent tutorial. BUT... Mr. Ryan, can you explain why the Ducati Dessert Sled caused erectile tissue twitching in males and counterpart female reactions in the ladies whilst the bike you demonstrated is somewhat more analytically appreciated? It’s sort of paralleled to being attracted to a beautiful mate vs. visiting a beautiful art gallery.