BigBrown Dad
BigBrown Dad Acum 18 ore
Great writing never grows old. Thank you,
Majora's Covid Mask
Majora's Covid Mask Acum 18 ore
I've met WAY more bicyclists that are arrogant jerks than motorcycle riders.
Floyd Andrews
Floyd Andrews Acum 18 ore
Ducati Dharma
Dustin Adkins
Dustin Adkins Acum 18 ore
Bonus points to this one for the "Accident at Jefferson High" reference. I must've seen that a hundred times in middle and high school growing up lol
rick nance
rick nance Acum 18 ore
So you like clubstyle
Marcus Gilliam
Marcus Gilliam Acum 18 ore
".. but like Mexico I'd rather not pay for it." -- subscribed and liked
robert schriek
robert schriek Acum 18 ore
you could make a video about any product. youre the king of preparaton and finding the soul in anything
James B. Armstrong
James B. Armstrong Acum 18 ore
ABS is for people that can't drive/ ride.
Shaun Foutch
Shaun Foutch Acum 18 ore
You are so precise on so many things you do and say... BUT, you have a motor in that? I didn't know it was electric... Oh, the vernacular... ELECTRIC MOTOR or INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE? Just a "pet peeve" of mine, drive me a little silly hearing people refer to their engine as an electric motor... LOL Anyway, this is about the only things I've ever found wrong in one of your videos that was worth writing about... EXCELLENT work and love what you share! I never thought of burying a log as an anchor - great idea!
Iiro Ovaskainen
Iiro Ovaskainen Acum 18 ore
I never knew I liked cruisers until I saw a hd 48 cruise past us on the highway, nor until I watched this video and realised you can make them look actually kinda "normal", and not die hard SOA style. All tho I have to admit, jax looks badass when he's on his bike.
Dillon Goble
Dillon Goble Acum 19 ore
Could you redo the front suspension?
Keegan Chaput
Keegan Chaput Acum 19 ore
Let's update this for 2021!
Guy Barbagelata
Guy Barbagelata Acum 19 ore
Does anyone know what headset/PTT with the handlebar PTT was used for the T605 Wilkie talkie IN THIS REVIEW?
There and Their are not the same!
There and Their are not the same! Acum 19 ore
Nicely put, too many bad riders out there who think the road is THEIRS!
PhraezlxNinja Acum 19 ore
Dude! What a cinematic piece of art! Thank you very much! 10/10
klauszelm Acum 19 ore
When I look at your spreadsheet at 4:30 and assign the values 1 to 9 for the best and worst results of the contaminants from >5 to >100 micrometers, then add up the results I get 9 points for Yamaha which came 6th in the >5 micrometers and first in the >15, >50 and >100 micrometers. RE would be in second spot with 11 points, Kawasaki third with 14 points. BMW and Triumph share 4th place with 19 points followed by KTM in 5th place with also 19 points (but has some contaminants >200 micrometers). Then there's Suzuki, place 6 with 27 points, Honda with 28 points lands in place 7 while HD comes last with a proud 34 points in place 8. But on your blackboard at 4:39 the winner is RE, Yamaha comes in 4th place and the rest don't match my list, apart from HD coming in last. What did I miss?
Mine Kuletz
Mine Kuletz Acum 19 ore
I'm a cyclist and a professional driver's license owner, I'm still implementing the rules of driving while I'm cycling... stoping on a red light, signaling whether I'm turning left or right..
Kelowna Rider
Kelowna Rider Acum 19 ore
I was a bit surprised with this video as well. I hope Harley does pull itself out of its slump. Their high prices are going to hamper this though. Now this is comparing apples to oranges, but I was at the Mazda dealership getting some parts, and there was a 2021 MX5 for 45 thousand. Beautiful car. Power convertible top etc. And at Harley you can pay that for 2 wheels or 3. Two Pistons. Some levers and cables. A little leather seat. A bit of luggage. They need to drop 15 grand off of some of their bikes.
Fabio Punk
Fabio Punk Acum 19 ore
With all respect, I find that book overrated. I tried to read it four times. Four. Yes. First in english, then my mother language, then again in English after I learned this language better. No way to get to the end. I reached my conclusions. They are explained in my book that describes a trip across the US north east riding my bike Peace to all
Adam Wachs
Adam Wachs Acum 20 ore
You think you have problems look at the uk license system. It is a perfect example of how to kill bikers
Ubermensch Acum 20 ore
This is amazing. Sound design, photography, text and presentation unify in a perfect short movie.
Crash Builds
Crash Builds Acum 20 ore
The frustrating thing for me, as an avid cyclist, was just that all the examples the news reports gave were people being generally negligent. Unless you make it a law, people don't wear helmets, they don't train, they don't pay attention and even then find ways to be reckless. How then do you separate what's actually a risk associated with eBikes specifically, versus people finding new ways to ruin it for everyone else?
Prashant Thakur
Prashant Thakur Acum 20 ore
We have 25km speed limit on e bike enforced.
Shibui Acum 20 ore
I wish things were this easy and cheap in the real world.
Bucket Buster
Bucket Buster Acum 20 ore
02:02 - F*CK. The moment you realise you missed a bit.
Mikael Kalliokoski
Mikael Kalliokoski Acum 20 ore
We got our grandpa's old 1974/-75 Suzuki GT125. It is in pretty good condition (alot of rust, muck and some hard-to-find plastic parts). The only annoying thing is that the Bike has alot of chrome that has rusted.
matteo mossa
matteo mossa Acum 21 oră
a man reading the newspaper on wc at 60 miles/hour
JC X Acum 21 oră
Seems like lipstick to me.
Sequeira Acum 21 oră
The liver is on the right side of the body :) | But good video as always ;)
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Acum 21 oră
He made that bike 100 times Better not overwhelming and not under. Just Fing Right.
joao marques
joao marques Acum 21 oră
Lithium took longer to charge because the last 20% part of the charge is the slowest, it charges at a constant voltage with constantly decreasing current
Barry Kery
Barry Kery Acum 22 ore
Take the kickstand off on the fly? How do you put the spring back on in the field? Barry
mugflump Acum 22 ore
Not very good vid , most of us go high end on chains and locks , why not do that to the high end market and see if we are wasting our money
Andreas Cheng
Andreas Cheng Acum 22 ore
I can hit 51km/h on a non electric road bike(on a flat road), wouldn’t that be more dangerous than most E-bikes as a lot of E-bikes speed limits are significantly slower than that?
Barry Kery
Barry Kery Acum 22 ore
I like the plastic bag trick. I've always looked for newspaper in a pinch. Yet another great video. Barry
toltod Acum 22 ore
Nice video! Make an easy simple non-subscription electronic Turtle airbag...that would be ideal. No way I'm using a tether doing any offorad adventure riding. Great breakdown of these exotic safety vests. Cheers!
Robert Alan
Robert Alan Acum 22 ore
Thank you that was excellent and fascinating.
ASDF Acum 22 ore
Grew up during the 80s riding 4 wheelers, and my friend had a Honda 3 wheeler. We were zipping in between trees one day and he caught a stump with the back tire which instantly stopped his trike and sent him flying. Broke his shoulder pretty bad.
Thomas Garrison
Thomas Garrison Acum 22 ore
I have used a tire rope plug on the sidewall of my riding mower tire, that temporary patch lasted over 5 years, now it is leaking. I am going to replace it with a internal patch plug.
Brad M.
Brad M. Acum 22 ore
Thank Gawd we have government to ban things for us. We'd never be able to decide for ourselves if something is too dangerous.
Space Reptile
Space Reptile Acum 22 ore
so uhh... yea its a goldwing it wasnt slashed, and it wasnt a failure, they still make em
личная правда
личная правда Acum 23 ore
Give up pistons, embrace gas turbine
OldCountryman Acum 23 ore
Why does anyone want to sit on a bike for 10 hours? You might as well just fly or drive a car.
Marcos Moreno
Marcos Moreno Acum 23 ore
Hey! do you know about the "maxim" jacket from Alpinestars? I cant find any review on youtube... is a new jacket? or a very bad jacket that nobody wants it? haha
WolfB Acum 23 ore
10:51 Jawa 210? That was my first bike and BRO why did I sell her
Qualms Acum 23 ore
I'll be honest, been using a 1500w rear hub getting 65kmph and I absolutely love the freedom of a bicycle, but we need regulation, it's the only way that we'll survive. The ebike community (as a whole, minus the dickweeds) has done a decent job at regulating itself but all it takes is one aforementioned dickweed to slap a 5kw motor on their "bike" and go on walking trails, sidewalks, or anywhere else that kind of power is unwelcome.
Plum Duff
Plum Duff Acum 23 ore
Brilliant film thanks
Ryan Burisch
Ryan Burisch Acum 23 ore
His voice reminds me of someone - just not sure - television actor or something...
Ryan Burisch
Ryan Burisch Acum 18 ore
I figured it out. He sounds exactly like Smith Clone from the Matrix:
David Jankowski
David Jankowski Acum 23 ore
Flax give men estrogen
Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins Acum 23 ore
this vid had some much going on with the slowing down and speeding up going forward then reverse lol
SwissWildPics SWP
SwissWildPics SWP Acum o Zi
Could you say the Super Tenere is like a GS1200 without the useless options?
Jochen Stacker
Jochen Stacker Acum o Zi
I actually took one of those pink bluetooth excercise headbands with two speakers, ripped them out, sowed them into some (clean) socks, cut off the excess, stuck velcro on the back of them with superglue and stuck them inside one of my helmets that has some cutouts around the ears (presumably for exactly that purpose). I actually amazed myself, all you see is the black fabric, it looks like they belong in there, you can't see the hideous mess of dental floss at the back (I ran out of yarn and couldn't be bothered to go get some). Now I just have to unstick the left one that has all the buttons on it to turn it on and off. I could listen to music or radio I guess, but at 120-130 km/h on the Autobahn, you pretty much can't hear sh*t. The phone sits in a waterproof pouch on the handlebars and is pretty much only used as a sat nav. It's a very hairy-arsed solution, but it works.
Jason Kelloway
Jason Kelloway Acum o Zi
Awesome vid mate
Nick B
Nick B Acum o Zi
I didnt have any delusions that I'd be picking up chick's on my bike.... ....I just didn't expect how many middle aged guys would bother me leaving a store just to make sure I knew that they "used to have a harley" Good for you, man.
YouEnglish Acum o Zi
I would extend to changing the indicators in the rear as well, and black seats to go better with Harley's black font... but great job nevertheless :)
Stitch Jones
Stitch Jones Acum o Zi
Owned a harley fat bob 2009, kept it for 8 years then dropped it after coming round a blind corner to a Winnebago doing about 10. God bless highway bars, saved my leg being squashed. No mechanical issues, good cruiser for long rides. Can't say anything bad about it tbh. I'd buy a BMW if I was gonna buy another bike though.
Lee Byrd
Lee Byrd Acum o Zi
Diggin the outro fam 🔥
Edward Sanders
Edward Sanders Acum o Zi
Who else is waiting on the 1290r based vitpilen?
Alp Sabuncu
Alp Sabuncu Acum o Zi
Thx is good. Good jop you explane this.
planefloat Acum o Zi
Was that color matched paint, or just close? I have a similar color on my bike, and will be adding a fairing next week. Where could I get matching paint? Thanks...
Capture master KSP
Capture master KSP Acum o Zi
Do a review of royal enfield himalayan
Larry The Butcher
Larry The Butcher Acum o Zi
Now I want to go get a Harley! Not really, still want a Gold Wing! But you just made Harley relevant to a demographic all but dead to them!
Valeriu Moscvin
Valeriu Moscvin Acum o Zi
Was that a Ludwig reference in the beginning?
cory littrell
cory littrell Acum o Zi
I'd buy that, everybody'd buy that
Failing Attempt
Failing Attempt Acum o Zi
"it's losing the front that scares me" Simple! darkside the front
Craig Firman
Craig Firman Acum o Zi
I have to ask, Is the reason most injuries are to limbs because they are more fragile and susceptible to injury? Or that they are most frequently unprotected? Is the reason people rarely get fatal injuries to the torso because it is the most commonly protected besides maybe, the head? My point is say people can ride without a jacket when relying on potentially biased statistics that may not take into account what gear was present in each crash is dangerous. If everyone wears a jacket and no one gets road rash when they crash statistically you won't get road rash when you crash. but if you operate in a way that's different to those in the statistics, ie. not wearing a jacket, then those statistics aren't really relevant to your experience when you crash. Always wear a jacket,
billoddiea Acum o Zi
Very smart and talented man for so young.
Jon Ruger
Jon Ruger Acum o Zi
Wondering when side by sides will get outlawed they don’t fit on truck or four wheeler trails and are so fast the people buying them can’t handle them. So many horrible accidents since they came out but sales keep climbing.
Craig Firman
Craig Firman Acum o Zi
Just came back to this video to say THANKYOU! Today I had a low speed high side crash. a moment of inattentiveness plus some wet leaves left me slipping my back wheel when riding off. The result was a highside at barely 10km/h but all the injuries you talk about here were possible. When the motorcycle landed on my foot it could have easily broken my foot, ankle or lower leg. but because I was wearing full boots they didn't. When my body was pulled down by the bike on my leg I could have easily broken my wrist or arm when my hands hit the ground. But because I was wearing stunt evo gloves with palm siders they didn't. A crash that could have had me off work for weeks has left me with a sore wrist and bruise on my leg. Thank you. I would have never even thought to buy gloves with palm sliders if it wasn't for this video.
Amlanjyoti Saikia
Amlanjyoti Saikia Acum o Zi
2021. They are still the future.
P B Acum o Zi
You're absolutely right There will always be idiots I'm riding 41 years and have always ignored them they will get what they deserve in the end
Der Nicolas
Der Nicolas Acum o Zi
Triumph can't be considered European or even british any more. :) And for some funny reasons the Aprilia Shiver got on place 8 of top long lasting motorbikes on a bike magazine test.. (long lasting in termes of an actual parts analysis after 50tkm). So perhaps the amount of parts in the oil is a pretty abstract thing regarding quality - Great video as always btw. :)
raul acosta
raul acosta Acum o Zi
Awe so true😐 but thanks for reminding me🤙🏼😉
greenteamracing Acum o Zi
They just look terrible..
campbell rousselle
campbell rousselle Acum o Zi
Joey S
Joey S Acum o Zi
Typical Canadian.
Zero Point
Zero Point Acum o Zi
LOL. Clutch leaver? Growing up on trail bikes I don't think I ever had one.
Viewer 1121
Viewer 1121 Acum o Zi
What an incredible bike!
Ehan Ryker
Ehan Ryker Acum o Zi
Jeffery Lanister is grown up now
Shamshiro Acum o Zi
O:56 - That one looks like something out of a Kamen Rider show lol