Stevo Taylor
Stevo Taylor Acum 21 oră
m brice
m brice Acum 21 oră
azerty ytreza
azerty ytreza Acum 21 oră
The sound of an idling harley makes me angry
Sean K
Sean K Acum 22 ore
I thought it was just called the fat boy because the bike was fat…. I stand corrected.
Sebastian Popa
Sebastian Popa Acum 22 ore
Thank you! No modular helmet 4 me! 👍
Dave SnowPros
Dave SnowPros Acum 23 ore
Костя Мю
Костя Мю Acum 23 ore
Thank you
seffy333 Acum 23 ore
Without watching the video I would answer the title with: Because freedom is dangerous. A truly free society means that you have to be ok with someone else doing things you think are scary or unsafe.
Fishtailfred Acum 23 ore
Hey Rossi, Lick your thumb and index finger first, then roll your foam plugs in your wet fingers and pop them in your ears. If they really don't want to seal, open a new set and pop them in your mouth and get them good and slobbery, roll them and pop them in. You can buy these in different foam densities, (3M) I like the firmer ones. They can also be easily washed in a sink when your ride is long and your supply gets short. Put a dozen in a sandwich bag and put that in your tank bag.
MiGujack3 Acum o Zi
Does that mean SNELL helmets are a good alternative for caged cars? Genuinely curious.
MiGujack3 Acum o Zi
"non-profit" huh
Craig Firman
Craig Firman Acum o Zi
I'm honestly not sure if he's recommending the bike or not. But as I want something that doesn't look out of place on the road and has off road capabilities I'm going to buy the versys x.
Cosmin Chivaran
Cosmin Chivaran Acum o Zi
This is great advice if you're poor. We have food that pulls a string and it heats up for us water filtration system and fancy hammocks that hang up and have its own bug protector... This is like a camp set up for poor people... I like to bring my toy hauler and my motorcycle and my stuff so I can watch a movie eat popcorn inside the camper and then go out for a ride the next day if I want to
Eef Neleman
Eef Neleman Acum o Zi
Conservatism at its finest. But they finally seem to be making progress. They either saw this video, or became.... PROGRESSIVE....
Dave Goldspink
Dave Goldspink Acum o Zi
Great job Ryan it’s amazing how far riding gear has come and no doubt this presentation was only the tip of the iceberg.
Devil's Offspring
Devil's Offspring Acum o Zi
Any bike at all, pedal, ebike, or motorbike, just assume you're invisible to people driving cars (except to the cops, who will ignore gang wars/active shooters to bust your ass on an ebike.)
justinin trump
justinin trump Acum o Zi
The stuff falling off isn't necessarily that bad, most street helmets are only good for the one big crash anyway and every bit of energy that's going into breaking those attachments is energy that's not going into breaking your head
Schneematz Acum o Zi
Gosh dang, that was the nicest commercial I've seen in a while!
Curtis P
Curtis P Acum o Zi
Please do a video on how excessive engine breaking in low gears causes accelerated rear tire center patch wear.
D S Acum o Zi
I kinda disagree with your statement of having now 2 ideal moments op power over the powerband. So any other bike only has one?
Brandon Acum o Zi
The 80s threw up all over this video and it's great
What Comes Around™
What Comes Around™ Acum o Zi
I really wanted to disagree, but it's just the truth. And the thing is, if you want to make a powerful electric motorcycle, I would be more inclined on doing it myself and saving a huge amount of money.
Roberto Cano
Roberto Cano Acum o Zi
What's your opinion on 6D helmets?
seif Moghazy
seif Moghazy Acum o Zi
Shall I change my bike tire to dark side tire My bike it's benelli vlm 200cc and tire 130. 70.17 it's stock tire
Timothy Coyne
Timothy Coyne Acum o Zi
I bought similar roll-top dry bags from Moose Racing. They work great!
Sean Fitzsimmons
Sean Fitzsimmons Acum o Zi
Dude you make the dopest videos!!
Alex Acum o Zi
I watched this whole video in my shop, sideyeing my CL200 that won't run right...
The Mighty Wooosh
The Mighty Wooosh Acum o Zi
Beavis and Butt-Head: "he said Bone Line"
haveabloodydeath Acum o Zi
I remember when my dad bought a Harley the dealership gave him a bunch of Harley merch with it one of them was a mug and let me tell you almost 20 plus years have gone by since then and that mug is still the best mug I have ever had unfortunately can't say the same about the bike or any of the other merch they gave us Hey if the motorrcycle business doesn't work they can always sell mugs but they'll probably fuck that up too
Moses Pranadjaya
Moses Pranadjaya Acum o Zi
cute ass bonus at the end
Scott Acum o Zi
LOL @anish at the end... im in tears
P.S. Acum o Zi
It looks like there coming back with the KLR-650 for 2022 should do a review of it if you can get one.
Jonesy B Hood
Jonesy B Hood Acum o Zi
How can you not buy one after watching this. You can not kill the KLR!!!
Scott Acum o Zi
182 people accidently downvoted with on a phone.
grabir01 Acum o Zi
Too cute and clever are his writers.
Scott Acum o Zi
Discovering fortnine is like discovering mexican food. All you want is more...
Stephen Penniket
Stephen Penniket Acum o Zi
When you get old you will want a 650cc step through scooter but by then they will be 800cc
Ummf Acum o Zi
SO funny how you bending on those cafe's like a giant on a tiny horse
dridar35 Acum o Zi
The storytelling is on point as always !
justsomeguy justsomeguy
justsomeguy justsomeguy Acum o Zi
That was brilliant!
dusk jazzy
dusk jazzy Acum o Zi
I prefer the "dab" as my wave. Really shows the youngsters how cool and hip I am.
Colin Stace
Colin Stace Acum o Zi
So why are bike tires double the price when they use less materials ?
Ludvig Hambraeus
Ludvig Hambraeus Acum o Zi
This bike gear review channel really just hit me with a physics class and I love it.
shrill_kill Acum o Zi
Wasn't it the tucker zone
esuarks Acum o Zi
All I have to say (without having gone through all the comments) is that if you don't lock your bike up to something, this is all moot. If you just lock your bike tire, you're screwed if someone decides they want your bike. I think that should have been make more clear in the video.
Bruno Macri
Bruno Macri Acum o Zi
Get this man a TV show!!!
Bruno Macri
Bruno Macri Acum o Zi
NEVER Stop making content! From NZ
TomatoLove Acum o Zi
Very thorough and informative. Thank you.
pk nf
pk nf Acum o Zi
Ahp company left the comment
RCshowmen Acum o Zi
Just buy the SmartH by Cardo last year’s tech with this year’s firmware. Mesh and Hey Cardo for under $200 a pair.
PingPongGod1 Acum o Zi
Love the scenery!!!!
P Carey
P Carey Acum o Zi
Z900rs That's all I'm saying
twigglykevin Acum o Zi
Restock your damn tires. My 200es is still running stock rubber and right rear is now going flat every other day.
twigglykevin Acum o Zi
Bear claws specifically
BarrettCharlebois Acum o Zi
Hey I’m in Ontario and just finished restoring a 1984 Nighthawk variant of the CB750. You do cool work, wanna work with this bike?
Douglas Aldrich
Douglas Aldrich Acum o Zi
This is my first video of yours that I’ve seen. Your content is hilarious!
Craig Bosko
Craig Bosko Acum o Zi
This is all fine and dandy but what does this have to do with the"new"helmet put out by BCA, BACKCOUNTRY ACCESS?
NickShl Acum o Zi
Full video of "Death Wobble" Motorcycle Accident:
Vince Andrew Mahinan
Vince Andrew Mahinan Acum o Zi
In the Philippines, there are around 8 million motorcycles. It's still traffic. Heavy. BUT, as a truck guy, I actually want that motorcycle.
Oscar Mauricio Castellanos Ñañez
Oscar Mauricio Castellanos Ñañez Acum o Zi
And liquimoly ?
Natural_Lucidity Acum o Zi
I appreciate the effort to make something like this! quality.
Sai Priyatham Kasam
Sai Priyatham Kasam Acum o Zi
This needs more views
Dave Malecki
Dave Malecki Acum o Zi
5 years later now, still believe that? When will the number of Electric Motorcycles surpass Gas Motorcycles? Looks doubtful we will see that day.
Richard Delinsky
Richard Delinsky Acum o Zi
"Minus will get the 390 duke for a thousand dollars less." Or a used DR or KLR for half of that, because we all know those things wont break.
Navneet Yadav
Navneet Yadav Acum o Zi
Wow!! Wes Anderson ?? 😀
Unknown Error 404
Unknown Error 404 Acum o Zi
Put a 245 car tire on a triumph rocket not so long ago after doing extensive research on the triumph forums. They were saying it "works well and doesnt affect handling as much as youd think". Load of crap from my experience. Its hard to initiate the turn or lean, and it feels weird to hold it in the lean. The abs was freeking out aswell since when you lean a car tire over it gets "larger" and changes the speed at which it rotates, but ive done dummer shit to my bikes like making the rocket a bobber lol and i could live with it if it were just those issues because the bike looked like something batman would ride with the tire and all, and the straight line grip paired with the torque of the triumph made it a blast. "Drag raced" my buddy with his r1 off the line and won three times... in a row, i still rub it in his face, funniest shit ever. The BIGGEST problem with a car tire is that it catches every single deviation in the road and pulls you pretty violently to the side and theres a shit ton of those around here (nyc eww) and even worse the roads at least around here are convex so the water flows to the drains, especially on the highways so you constantly have to fight the bike pulling you off to the side. So a week after putting that shit on my bike i hurried over to a shop and put an actual tire on it. Edit- also most people advocating for the dark side argue "tire pessure makes the difference." Yeah a load of crap, the lower psi helps the tire sorta "squish" down as you lean, so leaning feels more "normal" But it makes the back feel "messy" and it catches those deviations even more AND the lower psi i tried the more sluggish the bikes power and hanling felt. It tried all the psi's the dark side gurus on the triumph forum gave me. It all felt like crap and it never came close to what a normal tire would feel like
jasonvsd Acum o Zi
Darkside on my Goldwing, I pull a trailer with it and really like the run flat capability. The alternative is to buy a new rear tire every month if I go back to a motorcycle tire. I have not noticed any change in handling at all. Good video- i would say about 80% accurate.
Nicolas Paré
Nicolas Paré Acum o Zi
4:34 The squeeking sound is a nice touch.
Carl Pop
Carl Pop Acum o Zi
The more of Ryan's videos I watch, the more I like them. This young man is an excellent teacher, with a sharp sense of humor.
The_GuitAar Acum o Zi
Remember that this is only the first line of defense. Put a disk brake on, have a screaming alarm system and when all of that doesn't matter, a GPS tracker on board will get them. Yeah they're 200$+ but what's more valuable.
Daren Despot
Daren Despot Acum o Zi
Fortnine: "There's no need to scan the entire earth" Google: "Hold my beer."
Jerzy John Kubiak Jr
Jerzy John Kubiak Jr Acum o Zi
awesome video. well done Fortnine!
chris lacosse
chris lacosse Acum o Zi
Very informative. Thank you
Gil Harari
Gil Harari Acum o Zi
Thank you for maintaining such high quality content! Major praise!
Belgian Doomer
Belgian Doomer Acum o Zi
I hit the Laika button for this one
Dr. Impressed
Dr. Impressed Acum o Zi
Rip my ducati
Greasy Strangler
Greasy Strangler Acum o Zi
If you really are a beginner, buy a 150cc scooter and get a feel for how it is to maneuver a motorized two wheeled vehicle at speeds up to 60 mph before you start worrying about a clutch and going over 100 mph.
JustAnExtra Account
JustAnExtra Account Acum o Zi
Well I don't ride but I feel like it would be the same feeling I get when riding my eboard of just that one time I walked down train tracks with no real end goal, it just feels good, it feels like freedom
Brendon Ali
Brendon Ali Acum o Zi
Go away lol there da best 🤣