Long-Haul Motorcycle Touring - Tips for Staying Awake

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There has been an alarming rise in the number of big cruisers involved in motorcycle crashes. Big distance brings bigger fatigue but there are ways to minimize your risk of succumbing to the zzzs.
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Gus Klemp
Gus Klemp Acum o Zi
I can drive, roll a joint and sing a song in the same time. lol
Fireguy97 Acum 4 Zile
Another in a long reasons that I hate rap.
G K Acum 8 Zile
So, I'm not the only one who gets a sore butt after 1-1.5 hours? That's normal??
Tim Walsh
Tim Walsh Acum 8 Zile
Cruise control must cause some road hypno
Fatviv Acum 10 Zile
Great video !!
Stanley Denning
Stanley Denning Acum 14 Zile
"This video contains an advert."
Ruben M
Ruben M Acum 16 Zile
What's wrong with pawn stars? Love that show
dustysquito Acum 18 Zile
Just squatting a little bit with your legs so you raise up off the seat by an inch or so is also enough to keep the blood pumping to your lower extremities. Made it from NM to UT with two stops for fuel by just doing a little bit of squats whenever my legs felt sleepy.
qdllc Acum 18 Zile
How do you address the need for hydration and urination? I deliberately avoid hydration so I don’t need to pee...especially in cold weather. Hot weather poses no issue so I can drink all I want because I’m sweating it out.
Yo Boo
Yo Boo Acum 19 Zile
Another great video. If your to comfortable on a bike, that's a problem lol. I've been using your "if your riding in the cold, get cold" philosophy you talked about in another video and its amazing how fast you can loosen up. Great tips and tricks as always combined with common sense. Keep'em comin!
steve hansen
steve hansen Acum 19 Zile
We hit the road buy 6AM and in a hotel pool by 3 PM
SmokDiplodoq Acum 20 Zile
Sorry, but me anglish no good. Is watching Porn Stars what he say 1:30 ??
Siddhartha Sankar Bhattacharya
Siddhartha Sankar Bhattacharya Acum 20 Zile
KPop is indeed damaging xD
Wallace Grommet
Wallace Grommet Acum 22 Zile
I had the problem on late night chauffeur trips. Had to punch myself on the quads until I regained alertness. Works very well.
3nertia Acum 22 Zile
Dude, the framing, editing, production, etc. are all just so fucking amazing on this channel. I loved that move through the garage door, I have no idea why but it was just so fluid and smooth and different and neat and I loved it :D EDIT: Okay, it was probably the point but that spinny bit at around 4:52 had me a bit nauseated lol
Jonathon Derksen
Jonathon Derksen Acum 23 Zile
I live in manitoba and I stood on my pegs to stretch my legs and got pulled over and given a warning for "reckless driving" even tho I told him my adventure bike was designed for riding while standing.
Daniel Wolfe
Daniel Wolfe Acum 23 Zile
I feel like you skipped over the most obvious, take a break or two, pull over and get gas even if you still have half a tank. Just to do something else
Cheeto Fingerz
Cheeto Fingerz Acum 24 Zile
Get a can-am ryker and you’ll never have fatigue issues. That thing will beat the shit out of you every second of the way there.
Mik 4444
Mik 4444 Acum 25 Zile
Same stands for cycling, just w/o earplugs
Kristopher Noronha
Kristopher Noronha Acum 25 Zile
I wonder how I'd do those exercises with a pillion :D Also, I've found a good alternative to listening to "something" is singing. It's kept me awake on many overnight rides. Oh and making up your own funny lyrics is even better. If it gets you in splits laughing at yourself, you've got your stretching sorted too ;)
AM Gam3ing
AM Gam3ing Acum 25 Zile
I fucking love those transitions!
John Sasser Jr.
John Sasser Jr. Acum 26 Zile
I tried motorcycle earplugs like in this video, to lesson the droning of my Yamaha 1700, but it made it sound too much like a goldwing. Which made me dose a bit. Just switched to my bluetooth earbuds. Longest trip in miles, 802mls in 12.5 hrs. In hours 17 hrs stopping for fuel and water. Water definitely important.
David Hansen
David Hansen Acum 26 Zile
3ml per pound for me is nearly a litre...
Altanaut Acum 26 Zile
If you are not enjoying your touring to a point where you are falling asleep then it's time to rest, recharge and rethink your initial journey planning.
jay7264 Acum 27 Zile
I have the same alarm clock from Amazon 1:10
Random Name 12
Random Name 12 Acum 28 Zile
Betcha a lot of those crashes are boomers who are retiring and wanting to “cruise on the open road”
Let it Rest
Let it Rest Acum 28 Zile
Bose noise canceling ear buds, and Pandora. The best two things for reducing fatigue.
Fabio Punk
Fabio Punk Acum 28 Zile
I rode my MotoGuzzi a few times from Italy to Holland in one day: 1150 km. I did it in 12-13 hrs. It was not a race against the clock, just a transfer and I wanted to make it safe for me and my bike. I did everything suggested in this (excellent) clip, plus one thing: singing. I am not a good singer but one does not care when one is alone in the wind! Singing loud can help. The best however is just to stop and have a 10' nap. For a rider this may not be easy. Once I stopped in the Belgian Ardennes in the pouring rain, I just laid down on a bench, all suited up, and closed my eyes. Rain was hitting my waterproof gear and was soothing. No-one around. I resumed the trip and it felt great. Coffe can help but -sorry to say it - not the American coffee. That just makes you pee. If a real espresso is missing a good double shot by Starbucks is a substitute. My 2c. Take care all
Herman Boing
Herman Boing Acum 29 Zile
Consider the riders that ride such bikes?!
veiledallegory Acum 29 Zile
Those bikes are dangerous because most people who own Harleys don’t know how to ride very well. That and the beers they drink at the bar 5 miles from their house coupled with the refusal to wear helmets (where legal).
Jacobee Acum 29 Zile
That transition at 2:50 was beautiful.
I am the Offender of All
I am the Offender of All Acum lună
Ironbutt Association 1500 in 36 hours. Well, 1580 in 29 hours for me. Thankfully, I suffer from insomnia so the tired aspect doesnt get me. As for the road hypnosis....yes, spaces in between cities is immensely large. You can get lost. And at that point, its not other drivers or riders....its animals. Hydration was never a problem for me as I rode bikes that have a 100(ish) mile range. I was off that bike every hour and half.
st1300 Acum lună
The right bike makes all the difference. I took my buddy on his first long distance ride. 1000 kms in one day in southern British Columbia. The next day, I did a solo 900 kms. Buddy had a FJR1300. Mine an ST1300 with lots of goodies like cruise control. Comfort doesn't mean it'll put you to sleep. Not at 160 kms/hr.
st1300 Acum lună
I often put on the cruise and sit on the back seat stretched out to the highway pegs. Don't need no stinkin' handlebars.
Austin Charles
Austin Charles Acum lună
Meth! Truckers and bikers alike love it!
Brandon Amison
Brandon Amison Acum lună
These videos are pure gold.
Centurion Wizofid
Centurion Wizofid Acum lună
I have a little confession - for me - it was increasing speed until my mind had something to pay attention to. I will give NOT any further data, just that i did find a final outlook ,that kept myself and others safe. Fluids - camel pak - not just for arid deserts! And try a 82 KZ 750 Twin, more vibration than a carnival ride and a fluff candy treat. Or a 76 Water Buffalo - yeh - you will have to look that up! Nuff said! Or an 1150 - back in the day, - or just a KZ1000, and you know the seat was 2 bricks cemented together cause "Chip and Dayle were complaining about no - "leg room" for awhile. Tim Horton's in Canada is meant to give all a break! Take IT! And don't look like the June Bug that that just spewed his butt hole on your eyescreen.
Thorin Acum lună
hmm, why would rap fight for the language center over reading? For that your ears and hearing needs to recognize it as intelligent sound that has any meaning, and for rap, that is impossible...
tom t
tom t Acum lună
Ride Safe Ride Free Friend. You are the man dude, master motorcyclist.
Chris Solum
Chris Solum Acum lună
Longest ride I have done is 360km on the roughest road in Cambodia. Took 12 hours. I was in full gear, in tropical humidity and heat. I drank a litre of water before I started at 6, another 2 before lunch and another 3 before I reached destination. Took frequent breaks in whatever shade I could find, ate as much sugary food as I could find and stretched as much as I could. I recognised I hit my limit of torture in the last couple of hours and did the final stint on tarmac. It was a hellish ride but one I remember fondly now.
I'm a fan of putting my feet on top of crash bars for a couple mins.
Renan Conceição
Renan Conceição Acum lună
This guy and Edd China should make a show!|
Mike Ogden
Mike Ogden Acum lună
Meth helps lol
Mike Ogden
Mike Ogden Acum lună
Not many times I’ve fought sleep on My bike
TacticalTorc Acum lună
Can’t drink water fast enough? Nah, three bags of saline in the tour pack direct into the bloodstream lol
Keith Queen
Keith Queen Acum lună
As a truck driver two things helped sunflower seeds and 5 hr energy when I really needed help.👍
Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows Acum lună
My issue with long rides is daydreaming not staying awake but staying alert to road conditions.
Walker__Pubg Acum lună
Pratyush Sharma
Pratyush Sharma Acum lună
This problem doesn’t occur in India, because if you lose concentration for a split second, you are dying. So we never get to be too comfy to reach this situation. 😛
Pierre de Cœur
Pierre de Cœur Acum lună
I love your videos and I think that, despite your young age, you are very wise and give very good advice, but I'm an old fart who still does more than 24 hours iron butt runs close to 70 and here I must stop you: If you need tips to stay awake, don't ride and, if you're riding, stop at once!
Mad Mike
Mad Mike Acum lună
I also try finding some songs that I can sing when I'm really tired. That usually wakes me up
Snoop -a-loop
Snoop -a-loop Acum lună
Watching “pawn stars”... I see what you did there.
Tom Young
Tom Young Acum lună
Yep, my mistakes are usually always near end of day close to motel for night
Richard Flanagan
Richard Flanagan Acum lună
Tips for staying awake .. lol .. now we know why cars are continually killing people . I find the faster I ride .. 100km+ the more unstable my bike becomes to wind gust
rob campbell
rob campbell Acum lună
EZ tip that helps...chew gum.
Skeeter Saurus
Skeeter Saurus Acum lună
The GREATEST 'hypnosis-inducing, wreck-causing' thing which causes wrecks on 'long hauls' is the distance, itself! I found this out over four decades ago. You see, the 'gold standard' for a large street bike in the 70's was a '5-gallon fuel tank'...it was considered 'expected'. The problem is, if you are getting over 40-mpg, you're now sitting on 3, 4 maybe even 5-hours of fuel...and you don't have that much 'attention' to spare. Quickly you realize that hypnosis starts getting pretty bad after 2-hours of driving without a stop! So...I adapted my driving, night-or-day, to use the '100-mile or 2-hour' rule...at this point, I expected to either be STOPPED (gas station, restaurant or just a pull-over rest stop), or looking HARD for one! As a result, I would break my trips (regardless of total trip distance) like this. Then, to my surprise, I talked with a commercial trucker one day, and he informed me that Federal Law required them to stop and take a break every 3-hours...TO PREVENT HYPNOSIS-CAUSED WRECKS! Interesting...the Feds knew what I had figured out...and that didn't make this video. KEEP BIKE RIDING 'trip-legs' to 2-hours, max, without a 'stretch and break', if you want to avoid the hypnosis!
Davey Smith
Davey Smith Acum lună
In the old days I always got dehydration on long rides, it might be because I stopped at all the bars.💣🍻🍔
Rizki Fajri
Rizki Fajri Acum lună
This why i do cocaine before long tour
Hhuo Dod
Hhuo Dod Acum lună
When you tour on a grom, the chance of you going to sleep is zero.
Армянин Из Нью-Йорка
Армянин Из Нью-Йорка Acum lună
Video about Motorcycle Race Suits please and thanks
Christopher Cianci
Christopher Cianci Acum lună
I do the stretches on all long rides and I add in a version of the kegal that I teach my low back pain patients.
Sara Ewen
Sara Ewen Acum lună
Glad to find this video. Hubby and I are getting back into riding and have a couple bigger rides planned.
Sarthak Sonawane
Sarthak Sonawane Acum lună
Glad that I subbed long ago!
Covert Garage
Covert Garage Acum lună
I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars
William Reymond
William Reymond Acum lună
3:15] Did you know you can do *Yoga!* on your motorcycle? - Oh, dear, that really is a Beemer. - Oh, dear, that means this person cannot be reasoned with, he knows everything already. But, the evidence is actually pretty clear, ride more than six to eight hours a day and the risks start to exponentiate. Remember my comment from ten seconds into this video? If you could redraw that graph showing accidents plotted by: hours-on-road, you might expect to find an 'up tick' in the curve after the six to eight hour mark? Makes, my point.
William Reymond
William Reymond Acum lună
Oh no, I'm going to say it. You see a ten hour rider day as a technical problem to be solved with better ear plugs and a better audio program - and some better rider apparel.
William Reymond
William Reymond Acum lună
1:20]. Now, I'm a little pissed. It is not simply a matter of being 'alert' [what ever that means physiologically] but being *responsive.*. You notice something, but can you react? psychologically, physiologically???
William Reymond
William Reymond Acum lună
1;15]. Ok, the problem starts to become apparent. "Say you are planning a ten hour ride." You are planning to die. Just suck that one up. If you had not noticed, motorcycles are 'ridden' and automobiles are 'driven.' Riding a motorcycle is alway athletic, driving a car is not in the same category - don't compare. What keeps a motorcycle upright, on track, and on course is more than an order of magnitude more complex than driving a car. Never treat them as if the are the same. [dummy] There are self-driving cars out there today [so they say] but there are no self-driving motorcycles. Of all the variables that can kill you as a motorcycle rider, 'rider fatigue' is right up there - and *the easiest to plan around.* *Don't plan to ride ten hours a day,* just don't, it is stupid; you did it, I did, it was stupid when both of us did it. Don't do it.
William Reymond
William Reymond Acum lună
00:10] There *a lot* of variables that need to be controlled scientifically [meaning statistically] before before the chart shown here makes much sense. Maybe those figures already have the appropriate statistical controls in place, but it's still worthwhile considering what some of the variables that might cloud the equation might be, for instance: sale and or population of riders increasing or decreasing in certain categories of motorcycles over the study time period; age of rider; sex of rider; miles ridden per accident, hours ridden per accident, weather, time of day, alcohol or drug involvement [could be blood pressure medicine] - other 'soft' or social factors... Scientifically, meaning statistically controlling for all of those variables is extraordinarily difficult. Ever do a regression analysis with twelve significant variables to control??? You probably cannot technically [meaning mathematically] and still have a 'statistically meaningful' result at the end. It isn't that you are stupid, it's not that the math doesn't do what you want you just have too many variables. If you are a scientist you have to find a way to get some of those variables out of your sample population. Which means you have to start looking at older guys who ride Goldwings, ride a cafe racer Fridays, and also ride superstock at the track on the weekends - a rare bear in other words, then your problem becomes the thinness of your sample population - rinse again, repeat.
Klas Peppar
Klas Peppar Acum lună
I find this the advice in this video good for us car guys too. Especially those who drive those old Mercedes A-classes as those have a tendency to fall over......
Old Man Jim
Old Man Jim Acum lună
Definitely investing in some of those ear plugs. I have a hydration system, and use it on 200+ trips. Though I have true cruise control, I will still invest in a throttle boss, had my speedo cable lock up on a long trip before. One tipI use for myself, is I have a set riding playlist of songs I know well, and sing along. It seems silly (and yes, it is) but it helps me. While I can do 3 or 4 hours at first in my cage, my absolute max on the bike is 2, stopping to walk around, hit the bathroom even if I don't think I need to, and if it's a nice area, enjoy the scenery.
177inthe70s Phila
177inthe70s Phila Acum 2 luni
I enjoy small carrots in my tank bag that I can slide out of the zip lock bag and slide up under my full face and eat without biting my cheeks when I'm not 100% alert and not much caffiene, sometimes none. Sometimes tea at the diner in the late morning after riding a bunch and maybe a Dr Pepper or coke with gas fill-up around 2-4pm.
Abdur Raashid
Abdur Raashid Acum 2 luni
This dude dissed K-pop, mad respect
Adam King
Adam King Acum 2 luni
I did this my last trip. Started going at 8am every day, stopping at 15-16pm. Gave me time to find a awesome camping spot and settle down, in a whole a more wholesome trip than i ever had before.
Chris Scharfenberger
Chris Scharfenberger Acum 2 luni
If you fall asleep on a bike it's probably just time for a new hobby...
nauroticdax Acum 2 luni
One of the best tips my dad ever gave me and it applies to cars and bikes: 100 -125miles 15 minute break every time and you must walk in this break don't just sit on the bike or in the car walk around the truck stop or services or wherever you stopped even if you don't feel tired or thirsty or hungry or like you need the bathroom because when you see it you'll suddenly want any of the 4 and 15 minutes minimum will set you up for the next 100 - 125miles. I've used this on multiple 400+ mile rides/drives and honestly I barely even feel it regardless of time of day. Also if you're alone (or wearing a helmet) listen to music and sing with it, sure keeps me going.
TS50ER Acum 2 luni
Amphetamine Sulfate
CoolWhip Acum 2 luni
A very good video, but I think you should have also put more emphasis on stopping and walking around a bit. Include it when you talk about the importance of drinking lots of water; it will make you have to stop to relieve your self more frequently.
James Nadua
James Nadua Acum 2 luni
Wow. This video is really awesome. :O
Chao A Hazarika
Chao A Hazarika Acum 2 luni
Ooof that kpop diss 2:40
Rez Acum 2 luni
well you can monkey around on top of the bike or take15min break at least every 2hrs
Jack Austin
Jack Austin Acum 2 luni
My uncle always told me theres no such thing as a fast safe long haul trip. For every hour on you need to spend 15 minutes off. 2 hours on the bike? 30 minute break and stretch.
Matheus Michereff
Matheus Michereff Acum 2 luni
kpop for sure is damaging
Kaiser Knapp
Kaiser Knapp Acum 2 luni
On par with the fake oner from kingsman
H M Bhat
H M Bhat Acum 2 luni
I still do touring of 500km a day, in 10hrs, on my small capacity 110cc bike. 2018 model TVS Victor Premium Edition. Yes! 110cc.😄 With years of experience with it, only thing matters is seat comfort. I mean, seat is comfortable, but after 400kms, butt & back starts to hurt a bit. Kinda feel like getting out of bike every 15 mins. 😬 With all these riding experience, I got to know power, speed, "big bike" doesn't really matter a much. Everyone cruises at around 100kmph on any given highway. That's a sane thing. And cruise at in & around 85kmph. It's only a matter of moment when u want to hit top speed. 😅 And with that I could still keep up the pace with medium & big bikes like 200cc to 500cc capacity bikes (if they also cruise sanely). And the biggest advantage of my bike is, The Gas Mileage. 🙌🏼 No matter what speed I do, on average I do get 65kmpl mileage. 😃
Akhil Sharma
Akhil Sharma Acum 2 luni
These videos are really well researched
Kramadri Acum 2 luni
I feel like losing focus on very light traffic after 1 hour break after 3 hours ride before i go back for another 3 hours but my losing focus is only on very slow moving like my mind drifter somewhere else... I really need some music
servicarrider Acum 2 luni
What a bright, capable and creative young man. An incredible and purely fascinating motorcycle channel. Think about he possibilities. I am sure that his poor parents must be terribly disappointed. Ain't that the way of the world? Keep up the good work, Ryan. It's not like they are ever going to stop loving you.
Larry Byvik
Larry Byvik Acum 2 luni
11 years of driving across the US and Canada every summer. 2006 BMW GS. (I was a teacher) 800-1100 mile days were typical when I just needed to get across.....F@#king Kansas! To stay alert I avoided caffein, sugars and overeating. LOTS of water, fruits and simple proteins. I use a 2 liter camelbak beneath my aerostich suit. I fill it with Ice a fuel stops. I maintain electrolytes. (bags of chips and jerky's work great). LOTS of Stretching while riding and at fuel stops. There are other little things I do as well....but this covers the basics.
Uts9000 Acum 3 luni
Again, I learned something new and no blatant advert. Thanks
Paul Altegoer
Paul Altegoer Acum 3 luni
I travel through Germany and Europe on a 1958 50cc Moped with only 40kmh/ 25m/h and I had tough times even staying alive with my booty 😂
Dan Manthe
Dan Manthe Acum 3 luni
Glad I saw this video before attempting a Saddlesore 1k...
rian ritzen
rian ritzen Acum 3 luni
I did 550km on one day with a GS 650, it was horrible haha
Allan Welsh
Allan Welsh Acum 3 luni
UK riders need not watch this vid. USA riders mostly should 😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧
Big Brother
Big Brother Acum 3 luni
A month after getting my car license in june 2020 I went on a trip from northern Germany to Greece with my 50cc scooter. I learned all those things mentioned in the video (and many more things) on my own during that trip. Wasn't as safe as practicing in a parking lot, but totally worth it :)
Tom Everett
Tom Everett Acum 3 luni
I find generally that terror and the fear of pain from crashing keep me awake on the road.
AndySpitz Acum 3 luni
You just killed my audiobooks. Thanks.
Richard Acum 3 luni
Fortnine’s video have probably saved more lives than 30 years of government sponsored videos. I’m not saying government videos are terrible, I’m saying Fortnine’s quality is extremely top notch. Plus I’m pretty damn sure Ryan or someone there is a professional Hollywood film editor because these videos flow better than a brand new ECU controlled Honda fuel pump 👏🏽
Rockbreaker Acum 3 luni
A 15 minute power nap on the side of the road has been a life saver for me...
Silver Phoenix
Silver Phoenix Acum 3 luni
this reminds me of the structure of a Bill Nye episode. i love it haha
Larry From Wisconsin
Larry From Wisconsin Acum 3 luni
I rode through Canada doing an Ironbutt around the Great Lakes marathon. Moose kept me awake. There is nothing more exciting than seeing moose antlers moving toward the highway in front of you. Screech the brakes. Then ride on until the next moose sighting.
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